Get Students, Teachers and Staff Back to School Safely

Automate Daily Health Screening Using Text Messaging

Meet reopening guidelines and keep teachers, students and staff safe with a text message based screening program. This service enables schools to automatically send daily text messages to students, teachers and staff to ask questions about their health prior to boarding the bus or entering the school building.

school assessments video

Teachers & Students

Daily health screenings for students and teachers

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elementary bus assessments

School Bus

Getting kids back to school safely starting with the ride on the bus.

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Daily Recurring Health Assessments
Customizable Health Question Decision Tree
Barcoded Credentials Based on Assessment Results
Encrypted Barcode Technology
De-identified Data Storage and Exports
Automatic Data Deletion
Opt-in / Opt-out Health Record Consent
Integration available via API


Automate Health Question Screenings 
Affirm Health of Teachers, Staff and Students before they arrive
Associate Health Assessments with Temperature Checks
Easy Data Collection and Reporting
Obtain Audit-able Prior Written Consent
Simplify Meeting State and Federal Compliance
Touchless Screening Process
Contact Tracing Data Collection


Daily Symptom Check

Schedule recurring daily symptom checks to teachers and staff before they arrive at the school. Ask questions to determine if they have symptoms of illness, have been exposed to someone who is ill, or have been diagnosed with COVID. Based on the answers to the questions, teachers and staff will either receive a Health Pass clearing them to come to work or a message telling them to stay home and call the school.

SMS teacher health check
student health check


Screen Incoming Students for Symptoms

Schedule recurring daily symptom checks for students. Deliver daily text messages to parents to complete health assessments on behalf of young students. Delivery daily text messages directly to high school students to complete their own health assessments. In cases where needed, high school student assessments can be sent to parents for completion. Assessments are completed before students leave for school so those who respond with symptoms can be directed to stay home and call the school.  Health passes can be associated with barcode ID badges so phones aren’t needed to scan and validate daily health passes.

Health passes can be confirmed in various ways upon arrival.

Health passes with QR codes enable your staff to scan the health pass upon entry. This can be done using a barcode scanning app, which will validate the pass and store the scans. Storing scans enables you to track who has come in the building and when they entered.

Step 1

Visually confirm Affirmed Healthy passes.

Step 2

Associate Affirmed Healthy passes with barcode badges.

Step 3

Scan Affirmed Healthy passes with a barcode scanner app or temperature kiosk.

Scan digital health pass

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