Mental Health

Affirmed Healthy enables employers to conduct proactive employee mental health checks and to direct employees to mental health resources.

Key Features


Schedule recurring text messages sent to employees


Customizable questions


Reports that show overall trends in employee mental health


Direct links to available mental health and well-being resources


De-identified data to protect privacy


Compliant opt-ins for program participation


Proactively engaging employees and informing them of mental health resources creates more productive, effective and healthier employees. Many companies already have employee assistance programs (EAPs), but they require employees to take the first step to ask for help.

Affirmed Healthy removes the need for employees to take the first step in asking for help by providing proactive check-ins and direct access to resources. For companies that have not already implemented EAP’s, Affirmed Healthy creates a turn-key employee touchpoint and helps identify the key areas to focus in providing support.

How it works

Affirmed Healthy utilizes SMS text messaging to deliver weekly or monthly mental health screenings to employees. Employees answer a series of questions crafted by mental health professionals and at the end of the screening the employee is presented with resources.

As an output, employers receive reports that provide a consolidated view of the overall mental health of employees. This data can then be used to engage with employees, identify areas of workplace improvement, and identify additional resources to make available to employees.


  • Positively impact employee job performance, engagement, communication and daily functioning*
  • Reduce health care costs by addressing mental health issues
  • Identify key areas of improvement to positively impact employee mental health
  • Create a supportive and safe work community
  • Highlight the services that are already available to employees
  • Identify additional mental health services that may be needed for employees
  • Identify mental health trends in certain areas of the company and/or times of the year

Why Companies Need to Engage with Employees More Than Ever:

1 in 5 adults 18 years or older experience any type of mental illness*.

Covid-19 has had alarming implications for individuals and collective health and social functioning.

To assist businesses with reopening, employees need to feel supported in this time of uncertainty and fear.

Shutdowns and day-to-day changes have consequences for long term and short term mental health and well-being for individuals.

With many employees working from home, there is a lost opportunity for co-workers to recognize a potential problem.

Self Care

*CDC on mental health in the workplace: sources/workplace-health/mental-health/index.html